3 Cool Pool Trends for Creative Homeowners

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolSwimming pool design is an art form. It is the crowning glory of any home that is fortunate enough to feature it. Over the years, pool design has changed from simple square blocks into design avenues for creative homeowners.

See which pool design trends today’s swimming pool builders are frequently commissioned for:

Go for the Glass Tile

It’s one thing to have a pool in your own backyard, but to make it a tropical experience is another thing entirely. Glass tiles get you one step closer to feeling like you live in a high-end resort. It offers a smooth surface much like the traditional ceramic tiles, but with distinction. Due to its make, combined with clear waters and sunshine, it creates a new and interesting feel for the pool.

Shallow Shelves are a Must

A pool of varying depths means more people can enjoy it. Shallow shelves at one edge or corner of the pool can add another design layer to the overall look. Its purpose is more than aesthetic, of course. Having these shelves allows for tanning and areas for young children to frolic without fear of getting in too deep. A family friendly pool means you can make swimming a family affair!

Gunite is Out, Pebble is In

For years, gunite has been a feature of many pool designs. These days, however, plenty of homeowners associate it with the typical square pools found in public areas and club houses. Pebbles have become a new and lush alternative. A pebbled finish creates a more intimate, personal, and bespoke look.

If you’re going to include a pool in your home, you might as well do it right. For a home feature that is sure to be a hit for all family members and friends, spare no expense! Consider it as part of your home’s exterior design. Incorporate the latest trends in pool design and building, today!

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