3 Benefits of Having a Green Space in Your Office

Roof Top Garden

Gardening should not be confined to parks, backyards, and farms. In commercial spaces and buildings, there should also be space allotted for plants to grow. Many studies have shown the benefits of having a green office for workers.

That is why many companies consider green spaces as important aspects of the workplace. Acquiring commercial landscaping services in Spring is vital for both the company and its employees. Here are the many benefits of having a green space in the office.

Reduce Stress

Corporate or commercial gardens encourage employees to take care of the plants. In a way, this plays an important role in helping reduce the stress associated with work. Plants give a calming effect on the office space, helping employees feel relaxed when they are too stressed to function.

Improve Aesthetics

Having a garden in the workplace helps improve the overall look of the office. Instead of boring and bland colors, plants and flowers add and beauty to space. Aside from improving the look of the office, plants improve the air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

Increase Employee Productivity

A study found that plants in the workplace increase employee’s productivity by 15%. Aside from that, putting one plant per square meter can boost memory retention, increasing productivity in the workplace. Since the employees are relaxed and calm, they can work under pressure and meet their deadlines more effectively. Employees who are also psychologically engaged are happier and work better.

Plants and flowers in the workplace provide many benefits for both employers and employees. This help improves the overall look of the place, and at the same time, help employees work effectively.

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