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5 Tips in Buying Your First Home

April 26, 2017 M Remodelling 0

Buying your first house could be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. On average, a house in the United States costs around $390,000. The cost varies depending on the type, design, and size […]


Designing a French Style Garden: The Basics

April 26, 2017 M Remodelling 0

French style gardens are a delightful collaboration of art and nature. Nowadays, elements of this sophisticated landscaping technique are prevalent in many modern spaces, from the smallest private courtyards to villas, hotels, and public parks. […]

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Basic Materials for Fences

April 20, 2017 M Remodelling 0

Over time, employing a fence does not only depict a need for privacy and security, but it also gives an aesthetic touch to your enclosed property. From nearly a hundred fence ideas, deciding which one complements […]

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Termite Disadvantages and Health Risks

April 11, 2017 M Remodelling 0

Did you know that termite droppings, also called as frass, contain natural antibiotics? This is the reason people can’t completely control termite infestation. Even so, you have to try to eradicate termites at home before the […]