paint palette

A War for Your Walls: Wallpaper vs. Paint

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November 14, 2018 0

Your walls are an important part of your home décor since your choice of wall design and color scheme will affect the overall style of your furniture and home decor. If you’re finishing up your walls and […]

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3 Fitness Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

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November 8, 2018 0

The more advice and information you can access, as pertains to your fitness sessions, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. However, too much of it sometimes can do you more harm than […]

Flooding Effects and Water Damage

The Effects of Water Damage

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October 24, 2018 0

These days, homeowners can suffer from costly repairs when a flood damages their premises. When a storm rages through a community, dirty water might seep into a household and damage its wooden furniture, carpets, and […]

When remodeling your house, also consider the safety of your home from burglars. According to, features like windows, basement doors, and obvious hidden key spots are likely to attract unwanted intruders.
Want to improve your property’s value and increase your profit in the real estate market? Focus on its practical features, efficiency, and aesthetic to hook in potential buyers, according to
Keep your home from looking plain and boring by adding some texture to the walls. recommends this as it adds life and dimension to the walls.
Keep your garden watered, fertilized, and well-kept to maintain your plants’ health throughout the spring season, recommends. This can keep your lawn beautiful and maintain your property value.
Interested in marrying technology and real estate? We recommend reading for the latest tech news you can use on your home and everyday lifestyle.
Just because some yard fixtures are expensive does not mean they add any more value to your home. lists down the items in your yard that actually adds value to your home when you sell.
Contrary to popular belief, buying a condominium isn’t always cheaper than buying a home. According to Arivaca Connection, this may depend on the quality and location of the property.
Looking for cheaper rental properties? Avoid house hunting near the heart of the city. The farther you are from the city’s posh areas, the cheaper the properties, according to
Build your home away from farmlands and agricultural centers. According to, wastewater and farming chemicals can run-off to your property and depreciate your property’s value up to 6 percent.
Remodeling old properties can be difficult for homeowners with no previous experience buying an old house. I recommend reading for advice on remodeling and construction.
If you’re building you home from scratch, there are some factors you really have to invest a lot in. recommends investing on roofing, flooring, and energy-saving components.
Did you know that you can get arrested or fined up to $1,000 dollars for cutting a tree growing in a public space even if it grows into your property in Colorado? recommends checking with your local government before doing anything to your tree.
Keeping your home energy efficient can lead to huge savings on your average monthly electricity costs, according to Insulate your walls, use updated appliances, and replace outdated fixtures.
Remodeling your home? Consider sustainable building materials and energy-saving light fixtures, according to These look good, are environmentally friendly, and are incredibly durable.
Some designs look better on paper than they do in real life. recommends looking at packaging prototypes before deciding on a final packaging for your products.
Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity. According to Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy, if your business finds itself in the middle of a PR Crisis, it’s best to deal with it smoothly and efficiently.
Aside from providing an aesthetic appeal, did you know that skylights can help you reduce your electric bill? By allowing more natural light in, you can save a lot on artificial light, according to


Do you have the means for adding a few additional features to your home? recommends adding your own personal wellness center complete with a personal gym and Jacuzzi for your well-being.
If you enjoy the finer things in life, consider installing a personal bar in your home. Tom Games says this is a good way to store your alcoholic beverages and easily serve them during parties at your home.